executive coaching

Leaders contribute, leverage their abilities, enable the performance of others, live up to the commitments made to their organisation, to their team, their families or to themselves. Delivering results is a central aspect of leadership – but there is more that matters.

SYDE Executive Coaching Vienna

Concerns we are working with include:

  • Strategising: What organisation or team do we need to become?
  • Results: How can we be more effective – deliver more, better or with lower cost?
  • Positioning: How should I position myself in key relationships and in relation to key concerns?
  • Leading change: How can I lead change that is co-sponsored and co-owned across the organisation?
  • Authenticity: How can I live up to my values and meet the organisation’s needs?

We are supporting leaders and leadership teams to find generative responses to their situations and challenges. Coaching conversations facilitate

  • Orientation: Taking stock of complexity and dynamics, making sense of the different stakeholder perspectives, reflect own actions, seeing connections, developing insights and clarifying options.
  • Intervention: Making deliberate choices, develop and implement measured action.
  • Delivery: Sustaining efforts, coping with set-backs, embracing learning, and adapting the approach if required.